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Registry cleaners come in all shapes and sizes, all with their own claims and ideas. Although there are so many, there can only be one registry tool to help your computer in the best way possible. Having tested all the most popular registry cleaners out there, we've found a tool which works the best on all systems.

The problem with most registry cleaners is that most of them aren't as powerful as you need, making them not very good. Although there are so many registry tools on the market, they have all been designed to do the same job, which is to clean out a part of your system called the 'registry'. This is a very important part of Windows, because it is a big database which stores all sorts of settings and options for your computer. Everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper is stored in the registry, making Windows use it every time you use your PC.

This is okay, but the problem with the registry is that since Windows constantly needs to use it to help it with what it needs to do, it's constantly using 100's of registry files to help it.... and this makes many computers confused, leading them to save a large amount of these files in the wrong way, making them corrupt and incredibly difficult to read. They basically become like books with all their pages mixed up, making them extremely hard to process, slowing your computer down and causing errors.

Registry cleaners have been created to fix this problem. They work by scanning every registry file in your system and then fixing any of the problems that they find. This allows your computer to read the files it needs, whenever it needs them, allowing it to quickly read any registry file it needs. However, in order to be sure your computer has been fixed properly, you need to use a registry cleaner which fixes the most registry files...

There are only a handful of cleaners which have the ability to fix your computer thoroughly, but we've tested them all and have found one which is the best. A relatively new cleaner called "RegAce" is the most powerful registry cleaner we've used, and it's also one of the most popular as well. Being introduced in early 2009, it quickly became one of the most popular cleaners on many download sites, thanks to several powerful features which allow it to fix the most problems in Windows. These features include a complete backup facility (to protect your PC from any problems that might occur) and an advanced scanning engine (which finds and fixes the most problems on your computer).

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From our experience, the best registry cleaner is a tool called RegAce

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The Best Registry Cleaner Software

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This article was published on 2010/03/26