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With so many registry cleaner tools floating around, you'd be forgiven for being confused about which one is the best. All the stories of "registry nightmares" certainly don't help your decision, which means that it's important to be able to trust and rely on the best cleaner for the job...

The registry has long been nicknamed the "Achilles Heel of Windows" because of it's ability to cause a lot of computer problems on your system. In case you don't know - the registry is basically a big database which lies at the center of Windows, storing all the settings and options for your computer. It's best described as a software "memory", allowing Windows to remember everything from which desktop items you have to which programs should load at boot. After it's introduction in Windows '98, it was quickly discovered that the registry isn't the most reliable or effective way to store your computer settings (which were all previously stored in a series of INI files).

Basically, the big problem is that because the registry database is 1 central object, if it gets damaged in any way, it causes problems for your whole computer. Windows is constantly using 100's of registry files to tell it all sorts of things, and every day, a handful of those files are mistakenly saved in the wrong way, making them extremely hard for your computer to read. This makes your computer have to take longer to read the files it needs, slowing it down and causing errors. With 1000's of damaged registry files in your typical computer, it's actually one of the biggest reasons why computers slow down & get errors.

To fix this problem, registry cleaners have been invented to keep the registry database in tip-top condition. They work by scanning through every registry file and then fixing, deleting or replacing any files that are causing trouble. Good registry cleaners can work wonders for your computer, but bad cleaners can cause a lot of damage. Because the registry holds so many important files and information, you need to be extremely careful when fixing it, because if you delete the wrong file, your computer could end up ruined, leaving you with a $100's repair bill.

We always use the best registry cleaner, because we are sure that this cleaner is not going to do any more damage to our computer and will find the most problems... and in our eyes, that cleaner is one called RegAce. RegAce was only released earlier this year, but it's already become one of the most popular and well-known registry cleaners on the market. It's popularity exploded thanks to its unique features, such as an intelligent scanning engine (which finds and fixes more problems than any other cleaner) and a complete backup facility (which protects your computer from any accidental damage).

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From our experience, the best registry cleaner is one called RegAce

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The Best Registry Cleaner

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This article was published on 2010/03/28