Registry Checker fixes your slow PC problem

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A registry checker as mentioned above comes under various name and like registry repair tool or registry cleaner, registry program and many more. However the target is common for all i.e. to clean registry or to protect windows registry from any unwanted or malicious attack.  If we talk about attack to registry it is very clear that since it is very important, integrated and central database (in hierarchical) part of any windows system, obviously the target of attack by various malicious and unwanted items will be this registry first. So that once the engine (registry) is under control rest of the programs and components can be dealt with an ease.

Now it comes how to protect this high sensitive and integrated part of the system. There are two approaches clearly to clean or protect or remove any unwanted items/ entry from registry.

  1. Manual correction or changes- this approach is comparatively (if we compare with any registry checker or registry fixer) not safer and needs a great expertise in windows registry system. It is because if we make any such changes or correction that is not required or incorrect changes it might lead your system to malfunctioning of it. So be aware of it before adding any value or doing anything with it. It is also strongly advisable that you take a backup before altering even a small value in registry system. It is very easy to take a back up from registry. Just navigate like this. Start -> Run -> Type in there regedit and press OK. A new window will appear that is registry editor. On top you may find usual windows menu like file edit etc. Now you need to select file it's a drop down menu and there you need to locate import and export registry backup. You need to now select export as you are exporting the data somewhere else in windows folder. Now save it anywhere you want to save. This is a safe approach as in case any unwanted change happens you may just double click the backup settings and it will restore it immediately.
  2. Any correction or cleansing through registry checker- This is rather safer approach if we talk about security aspects. You don't need to do much about it just run the program and when it finishes the scanning of the registry it will show the entries or items that are malicious or not need for windows registry. Later it lets you to fix these entries and you can just press the fix button and all the entries will be removed. Here an automatic backup is also created this means you don't need to create even a backup manually.


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Registry Checker fixes your slow PC problem

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This article was published on 2010/10/26