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Windows registry contains the system initialization, application initialization information and a series of Windows operating information and data. When some unwanted software uninstalled,the uninstalled application parameters in windows registry are often not cleaned, will leave a lot of garbage, which make the registry gradually increased, even bloated. PC best registry cleaner software RegClean is a good helper to solve this problem.

After prolonged use of the system, starting speed, running speed becomes very slow, we need toWeight Loss" registry. Manually clean up the registry is a trivial matter, and very dangerous.

Using registry software, you will not need to worry a lot. In a variety of registry cleaning software, Microsoft RegClean is worth to use.

This software do not need to install, with less error, small, simple and easy to use, start the procedure it will check the registry, click a button and it will repair any errors found, can clean up the registry after uninstalling the software, the following is the specific description of RegClean.

First, run RegClean

This is very simple, just double-click the RegClean icon, a RegClean dialog box will pop up, then it will automatically analyze the registry and check the registry errors. This process takes about 30 seconds to about 30 minutes, the length of time depends on the registry size and speed of machine operation.

Second, repair registry

When RegClean analysised registry, another dialog box will pop up, just clickFix Errors" button right of the dialog box, RegClean will automatically repair the registry errors. At this time, which will creates a Undo.REG file in RegClean directory, the file namedUndo computer yyyymmddhhmmss.REG". RegClean registry information will be written to this file, which contains the computer name and time information. Then delete the wrong registry key from the registry.

Third, Exit RegClean

Before RegClean repair the error, if you do not want to repair these errors, or RegClean did not find any errors in the registry, you can click the bottomCancel" on right of the dialog to exit the RegClean.if the RegClean has repaired registry, you can click the dialog boxExit" button to exit the RegClean.

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How To Use Registry Cleaner RegClean

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This article was published on 2010/10/05